Last updated on January 30, 2018

extract secret data to paperkey

One day I asked my friend, a cybersecurity expert, how to store my GPG private key securely. His answer did not impress me at all since he advised me to store the key on the USB thumb drive and I have to bring it everywhere I go. It’s not the best practice in my opinion since there’s a chance I will lose my thumb drive or, even worse, my thumb drive is broken. I searched on the internet and found that I can use Continue reading

Last updated on February 6, 2021

decrypt bitlocker in ubuntu using dislocker

I now use Ubuntu for my daily basis usage. However, I still need Windows for developing the various desktop application running on Windows so I made a dual-boot OS on my current machine. The trouble I faced when I used the Ubuntu for the first time was I can’t access my drives encrypted by BitLocker. After searching the internet, I’ve successfully accessed my encrypted drives by doing the following Continue reading